Mooqita for Learners

Gain Education, Receive Rewards, Find Your Dream Job

Mooqita brings special tasks to courses you do that are provided by real world organizations. By working on these tasks you enrich your learning experience and have the opportunity to gain certifications, earn monetary rewards, and even to find a job.

  • Solve interesting real-world challenges
  • Gain real-world work experience
  • Get in touch with potential employers

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An illustrations showing the workflow for Mooqita Learners

Mooqita for Organizations

Receive Task-Solutions, Gain Leads, Succeed at Hiring

We match your organization with educational courses. Challenges that matter in your organization are presented to learners as advanced tasks. Gain insight and leads for potential hires based on task-solutions.

  • Crowdsource actual problems
  • QA through peer-review and analysis
  • Support learners and broaden your reach for hiring

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An illustrations showing the workflow for Mooqita Organizations

Mooqita for Educators

Improve Your Courses, Include Applied Tasks, Connect with Organizations

Mooqita augments existing courses with real-world tasks that present challenges that truly matter to organizations. This can be of great benefit to your students, improve course ratings, and earns you certification as an educator who fosters practical knowledge and skills.

  • Tasks are matched to your courses
  • You can help improve the matchmaking
  • Your students gain certifications, compensation, and connections to potential employers

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An illustrations showing the workflow for Mooqita Educators


We have worked with many organizations, students, and educators and we always like to hear they come out from the cooperation happy and satisfied. Have a look what they said about us.

Flexible Platform

The Mooqita platform works in conjunction with any existing online or offline courses. Simply contact us and we can register you as an early adopter educator to associate tasks with your course.

Trusted Certificates

Learners get certified by us and by the organizations that provide tasks. Educators get certified for facilitating practical learning. Organizations get certified for their outreach.

Global Outreach

Mooqita reaches educators and learners around the globe. Organizations get in touch with a broad talent pool while learners get direct connections to international organizations.

Creative Solutions

Tasks that are hosted on Mooqita and integrate with our courses receive multiple solutions from our diverse student bodies and are peer-reviewed for quality control. This results in creative solutions that are often ‘outside of the box’ of the culture of an organization.

Blockchain Technology

Our research team aims to persist transactions and certificates through blockchain technology to create undeniable and trusted verfification, creating records that can not be lost or fall victim to fraud.

Task Matching

Mooqita offers efficient and easy to use interfaces that allow organizations and eductors to match tasks with given courses and learners. Smart technologies are being developed to support automated matchmaking.

Peek behind the scenes and take a look at our research

As a highly innovative endeavor, Mooqita is continuously involved with cutting-edge research.

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From our Blog

Mooqita is a non-profit that develops a platform for bringing working and learning together. We combine elements from online education systems with the ideas behind crowdsourcing and human-computation. As such we are both a charitable business and a research project. In our blog, we regularly provide updates on our progress with tackling our moonshot challenges.

Update on Mooqita

By Doris Schioberg on 2019 April 16

Dear friends! Mooqita has seen a lot of changes within the last 6 months. have paused efforts to raise VC funding in favor of putting more energy in developing the platform and researching aspects of it, especially in the area of how users interact with it. Shoutout to our advisors Abby Kearns and Margeret Hall. With nearly twenty years in the tech world, Abby Kearns is a true veteran of the industry.

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Mooqita at CHI '18

By Anna Kovneva on 2018 June 19

Mooqita is happy to announce that our team’s case study submission was accepted and published at CHI 2018, the ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. CHI is the premier international conference on human-computer interaction that brings forth researchers and practitioners to discuss advances in interactive technology. This year the conference took place from April 21st – April 26st in Montréal Canada, and our Mooqita team members Markus Krause and Jan Smeddinck attended and represented the team.

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Visiting Student Researchers from the Open Lab

By Jan D. Smeddinck on 2017 October 17

Welcoming Collaboration The Mooqita team is happy to grow - at least for a while - due to four brilliant visiting student researchers from Open Lab and the Digital Civics research initiative at Newcastle University. Rosanna Bellini, Jan Kucera, Jay Rainey, and Dan Richardson will support the ongoing research efforts around matchmaking, negotiation, and group-work that are concerned with core aspects of the Mooqita process, working with Jan Smeddinck at the International Computer Science Institue (ICSI) at Berkeley.

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Mooqita Team at the Heidelberg Laureate Forum 2017

By Jan D. Smeddinck on 2017 September 30

The Heidelberg Laureate Forum and Mooqita We are humbled and extremely excited that two of our team members - Markus Krause and Jan Smeddinck - were selected to attend the Heidelberg Laureate Forum 2017. The event is organized by the Klaus Tschira Foundation (KTS) in cooperation with the ACM and multiple other partners. In the spirit of the Lindau Nobel Laureates Meetings the event brings together laureates from computer science and mathematics.

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