Visiting Student Researchers from the Open Lab

By Jan D. Smeddinck | 2017 October 17

Welcoming Collaboration

The Mooqita team is happy to grow - at least for a while - due to four brilliant visiting student researchers from Open Lab and the Digital Civics research initiative at Newcastle University.

Dan, Jan K., Jay, Rosie, and Jan S. discussing research concepts at ICSI.

Rosanna Bellini, Jan Kucera, Jay Rainey, and Dan Richardson will support the ongoing research efforts around matchmaking, negotiation, and group-work that are concerned with core aspects of the Mooqita process, working with Jan Smeddinck at the International Computer Science Institue (ICSI) at Berkeley.

The Open Lab is known for a rather radical approach to interdisciplinary exchange that is united under the umbrella of human-computer interaction / digital interaction research. The education track of the Digital Civics research initiative makes for a natural overlap in research interests between Mooqita and Open Lab.

We are happy for the incredibly generous support by the Open Lab, ICSI, and the DAAD, who all contribute to making this exchange possible. Special thanks to Prof. Patrick Olivier (Open Lab), Maria Eugenia Quintana and Jaclyn Considine (ICSI), as well as Dr. Holger Finken (DAAD).

We will keep the blog updated as the work progresses and are excited to see the outcomes of this collaboration.