Mooqita is made possible by our wonderful core team and supported by cooperators around the globe.
Portrait of Markus Krause

Markus Krause

Founder, Board Director

Markus is a visiting scholar at the International Computer Sience Institute and the University of California Berkeley. He is a designer and a computer scientist but his secret love are humans and the way they think, act, and reflect.

Portrait of Doris Schioeberg

Doris Schioeberg

Co-Founder, Executive Director

Doris is a Computer Scientist with a background in Networking and Network Security. She has a passion for making education and technology accessible to everyone and is eager to explore the Internet's possibilities to do this in new ways.

Portrait of Monika Streuer

Monika Streuer

Co-Founder, Business Strategist

Monika is a Master's student in Industrial Engineering. She is fascinated by the technology of the 21st century and finds ways to use this technology to address the social challenges of society.

Portrait of Jan D. Smeddinck

Jan D. Smeddinck

Scientific Advisor

Jan is a postdoc research associate at the University of Bremen, Germany and a visiting scholar at the International Computer Science Institute at Berkeley. His interests are in human-computer interaction and learning from interactions.

Portrait of Jay Rainey

Jay Rainey


Jay is a PhD student at Open Lab, Newcastle University whose research explores how metadata and direct annotation on original media recordings can support meaningful reuse and consumption. This research has been applied within classrooms across a range of contexts, e.g. to support peer-led learning of interview techniques.

Our Colleagues Around the Globe

Our team is as colorful and diverse as our project.

Portrait of Steven P. Dow

Steven P. Dow

Research Partner

Steven is an Assistant Professor of Cognitive Science at UC San Diego where he researches human-computer interaction, social computing, human computation, and creativity. Riding waves in his spare time.

Portrait of Margeret Hall

Margeret Hall


Magie is an Assistant Professor of IT Innovation at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. She received her PhD in Industrial Engineering focusing on Social Computing from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. Her research investigates the integration of the digital lifestyle using a combination of quantitative and qualitative approaches.

Portrait of Ahmed Kharrufa

Ahmed Kharrufa

Research Partner

Ahmed is a lecturer in Interaction Design at Open Lab, Newcastle University. He leads the educational technology research at Open Lab, focusing on the design, development, implementation, and evaluation of processes and technologies than can bridge the gap between schools and their communities as well as to enhance learning and the learning experience.

Portrait of Anand Kulkarni

Anand Kulkarni

Business Advisor

As a mathematician, roboticist, and National Science Foundation fellow at UC Berkeley, he developed fundamentally new techniques to bring fairness and accuracy to the practice of crowdsourcing, as well as teaching undergraduate coursework in enterpreneurship.

Portrait of Pascal C. Weinberger

Pascal C. Weinberger


Pascal is a Senior Researcher at Telefonica Alpha and spends his time diving deep into computational neuroscience and machine-learning. He worked with Google's Brain Project, is actively investing and advising Startups, and is a leader for and

Portrait of Claudia Hauff

Claudia Hauff

Research Partner

Claudia is Professor at the Web Information Systems group, Delft University of Technology. Claudia happily dives into new research areas and together with three PhD students she works on large-scale learning analytics and how to incorporate search into the learning process at scale.

Portrait of Tom Garncarz

Tom Garncarz

Undergrad Researcher

Tom is studying Cognitive Science, Human-Computer Interaction, and Game Design at Carnegie Mellon University. He design better things for people to enjoy drawing from psychology and cognitive science.

Portrait of Rana Chakrabarti

Rana Chakrabarti

Business Advisor

Rana is a team leader at the DesignX Lab at SAP. His goal is to craft useful experiences ranging from visionary and highly constrained. He speaks occasionally, writes often, teaches regularly about his discipline of interest : interaction design.

Portrait of Julia Bernd

Julia Bernd


Julia's current projects mostly involve computer science education, especially about the social impacts of computing. Bad habits include cognitive linguistics, UI crit, qualitative data analysis, and rabble-rousing. She has opinions about MOOCs.

Portrait of Clemens Wolff

Clemens Wolff

Undergrad Researcher

Clemens is passionate about technology and believes that it's potential is not yet exploited. Following his studies on Industrial Engineering he now pursues an interdisciplinary PhD program on automatization, optimization and scheduling in Germany.

Portrait of Rosanna Bellini

Rosanna Bellini

Visiting Student Researcher

I'm studying for a Digital Civics PhD in Human-Computer Interaction at Newcastle University. I have a strong interest in researching technology design for community learning and organised action regarding sensitive topics.

Portrait of Dan Richardson

Dan Richardson

Visiting Student Researcher

I have a background of videogame and mobile app development. I'm currently studying for my PhD at Newcastle University, where I'm researching how mobile learning technologies can be used to support learner agency and the sharing of cultural heritage.

Portrait of Jan Kucera

Jan Kucera

Visiting Student Researcher

I am a computing science PhD student at Newcastle University, focusing on ubiquitous computing, attention and distraction, especially in the context of home. I am also interested in how technology can support and embrace various cultures across the world.

Portrait of Yu Suzuki

Yu Suzuki

Undergrad Researcher

Yu is an alumni of the Berkeley School of Information. He is interested in computer supported collaborative learning and making learning more effective and fun.

Portrait of Jiaojiao Song

Jiaojiao Song

Undergrad Researcher

Jiaojiao was an intern in the Design Lab at UC San Diego. She worked with us on making sure our students enjoyed their stay on our experiments websites.

Portrait of Dawid


Graduate Student

Dawid is a graduate student in CompSci & Intelligent Systems. He is interested in making bureaucracy more efficient and work more interesting using cognitive systems.