Update on Mooqita

By Doris Schioberg | 2019 April 16

Dear friends!

Mooqita has seen a lot of changes within the last 6 months. Mooqita.com have paused efforts to raise VC funding in favor of putting more energy in developing the platform and researching aspects of it, especially in the area of how users interact with it.

Shoutout to our advisors Abby Kearns and Margeret Hall.

With nearly twenty years in the tech world, Abby Kearns is a true veteran of the industry. As Executive Director of Cloud Foundry Foundation, Abby helms the ecosystem of developers, users and applications running on Cloud Foundry, and works closely with the Board to drive the Foundation’s vision and grow the open source project. Abby’s most valuable support for Mooqita comes through her enthusiasm for the idea behind it.

Magie is an Assistant Professor of IT Innovation at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. She received her PhD in Industrial Engineering focusing on Social Computing from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. Her research investigates the integration of the digital lifestyle using a combination of quantitative and qualitative approaches. Magie works on an amazing project that aims to train homeless people in Pascal, an almost forgotten language that is very wanted in the realm of banks. She is currently working on a research project using the Mooqita platform. Together with Magie we are currently working on new plans for more research projects and closer collaboration. Stay tuned! There may be exciting news in store soon.

Bigger focus on research

Mooqita keeps growing its user base, the platform evolves with every one of those users. To back everything we do with significant data we have started last year in Q4 to put a bigger focus on the scientific work behind Mooqita. Jan Smeddinck has started as assistant professor in Newcastle. There he has a whole team of PhD students and Master candidates working on Mooqita. The latest project is the integration with an educational data science platform that will allow us to create ad hoc data science challenges using real data from public databases. Additionally we are extending our collaboration with Magie Hall and her team.

Linux Foundation challenge!

Last Fall Mooqita started a collaboration with the Linux Foundation. The first Mooqita challenge was integrated with the Linux Foundation’s Linux 101 online class. Many students are taking this challenge which allows us to grow our knowledge about the users in our system.

Real World user studies

We were able to learn more about our system through sending real job applicants through the system. We are currently screening for sys admins for a non-profit organization.

Spring greetings from the Mooqita Team!