Please note: mooqita.org is the not-for profit arm that steers the efforts around Mooqita. To see what you can gain from the Mooqita process and to try it out, please head over to https://www.mooqita.com.

Disrupting Education with Mooqita

Mooqita is a platform that connects organizations, learners, and educators, creating meaningful learning experiences that solve real world work tasks.

Access to education is one of the five millennium goals of the united nations. With online education this goal seems closer than ever before. Yet, connecting education at scale to income-earning opportunities, and more broadly to careers, is still a daunting challenge. In the 21st century, a considerable gap exists between the content of education and the requirements that industry has when hiring. Education is often theoretical, while organizations require people who have a proven track record of applying their knowledge. Mooqita bridges this gap by connecting education and work.

How it works

We partner with companies who want to utilize our network of student workers. Companies upload real world tasks through our interface and we match them with learners who can complete them. Students get experience within their field and can make money while honing professional skills. Work quality is insured by a peer feedback system that encourages collaboration. Companies have real time data on learners competencies and skills, giving them a built in pipeline for future hires. Teachers can enhance their curriculum with Mooqita by offering real work tasks matching their course content. Companies get access to a flexible , scalable workforce and students can get relevant paid work experience in a field of their interest.

The Mooqita tasks process in brief.

Mooqita for Learners

Test your knowledge, get real work experience, get credentials, and impress potential employers.

Most jobs require some relevant experience, but to get experience you need a job. This can be discouraging when you are just starting out. Mooqita is here to bridge that gap. With us you can: apply your knowledge from the classroom to real world tasks, build a resume, have a flexible source of income, demonstrate your skills to companies you want to work for, and much more. We are constantly growing and adding new features to help you.

Mooqita for Organizations

Get access to a flexible virtual workforce, nurture the next generation of talent, and get instant feedback on projects.

Recruiting at universities and developing an in-house internship programs can be costly and cumbersome for many companies. Mooqita’s interface offers a technology solution. Upload real tasks and projects for our working students to complete, our peer review system ensures quality. The team at mooqita.com supports the entire integration and implementation process. They are there to help your company grow alongside our learners.

Mooqita for Educators

Get free access to additional exercises matching your course content and give your students a chance to learn how to apply their knowledge in a real world context.

Are your students being adequately prepared to enter the 21st century workforce? Most new jobs are technology related (get exact numbers). Get access to supplemental exercises for your courses. Use our peer review system to help students collaborate and learn from each other . Mooqita wants to enhance traditional education to give students the best chance of success after graduation.

What we have achieved sofar

We were engaged in a UC Berkeley Extension MOOC providing students with additional exercises that fit their course. Students could solve these tasks that were a little more challenging than the regular assignments and, if they finished all three assignments they were selected to to work on a group assignment that payed.

The first participants already got invited to job interviews!

In case you have any further questions please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to get in touch.

Please note: mooqita.org is the not-for profit arm that steers the efforts around Mooqita. To see what you can gain from the Mooqita process and to try it out, please head over to https://www.mooqita.com.