Update on Mooqita

Dear friends! Mooqita has seen a lot of changes within the last 6 months. have paused efforts to raise VC funding in favor of putting more energy in developing the platform and researching aspects of it, especially in the area of how users interact with it. Shoutout to our advisors Abby Kearns and Margeret Hall. With nearly twenty years in the tech world, Abby Kearns is a true veteran of the industry.

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Mooqita at CHI '18

Mooqita is happy to announce that our team’s case study submission was accepted and published at CHI 2018, the ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. CHI is the premier international conference on human-computer interaction that brings forth researchers and practitioners to discuss advances in interactive technology. This year the conference took place from April 21st – April 26st in Montréal Canada, and our Mooqita team members Markus Krause and Jan Smeddinck attended and represented the team.

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Visiting Student Researchers from the Open Lab

Welcoming Collaboration The Mooqita team is happy to grow - at least for a while - due to four brilliant visiting student researchers from Open Lab and the Digital Civics research initiative at Newcastle University. Rosanna Bellini, Jan Kucera, Jay Rainey, and Dan Richardson will support the ongoing research efforts around matchmaking, negotiation, and group-work that are concerned with core aspects of the Mooqita process, working with Jan Smeddinck at the International Computer Science Institue (ICSI) at Berkeley.

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